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  • How to troubleshoot a power supply issue?
    • Check the AC line. • Check the power cord using a multimeter. • Open the cabinet. • Remove all power connections from various components. • Short green and black wire slots of ATX connector using a wire and check if the SMPS fan is working. • Check the output voltage. • Check whether the SMPS, connected to the motherboard is faulty.
  • How to troubleshoot motherboard errors?
    • Remove the power connection from the motherboard. • Check all the connections on the motherboard. • Restore the BIOS settings to default setting. • Check the CMOS battery.
  • How to troubleshoot RAM?
    • Remove the RAM modules and insert them into the slots again and start the PC. • If there are multiple RAM slots, insert the RAM module into another slot and start the PC. • If there are multiple RAM modules, remove one RAM module and start the PC. If the PC is still giving problems, remove the RAM modules one by one and check. • If none of these steps help, replace the RAM module.
  • How to troubleshoot the HDD/ODD?
    • Remove the connections to the motherboard and reconnect. • Remove the power connection and reconnect. • Check by connecting the drive with another interface and power cable. • Check by connecting to a different SATA port on the motherboard. • Remove the HDD/ODD and connect it to a different system. If the HDD/ODD still gives problems, replace it.
  • How to troubleshoot issues with a monitor?
    • Check the power connection to the monitor. • Remove the monitor connection from the PC and reconnect. • Check the connector if any pins are behinds. • Replace the interface cable.
  • How to troubleshoot issues with the graphics cards?
    • Remove the graphics card from the slot on the motherboard, clean the slot and reinsert it into the slot. • If there are multiple expansion slots, insert the graphics card into another slot. Clean the slot before inserting the card.
  • How to troubleshoot issues with the keyboard/mouse?
    • Disconnect keyboard/mouse from the PC and reconnect. • Replace the keyboard/mouse.
  • What is the main cause of No display of a computer?
    • Monitor is not on. • Computer is a sleep mode. • Loose the display cable (VGA, HDMI). • Undo any recent changes. • NO post. • The binary Operating System may be corrupted. • Motherboard problem. • Bad RAM. • Video card is not working.
  • Name of the AMI BIOS beep codes?
    1 ShortDRAM refresh failure. 2 ShortParity circuit failure. 3 ShortBase 64k RAM failure. 4 ShortSystem timer failure. 5 ShortProcess failure. 6 ShortKeyboard controller Gate A20 error. 7 ShortVirtual mode exception error. 8 ShortDisplay memory read/write test failure. 9 ShortROM BIOS checksum failure. 10 ShortCMOS shutdown read/write error. 11 ShortCache memory failure. 1 Long, 3 ShortConventional/ Extended memory failure. 1 Long, 8 ShortDisplay/ Retrace test failure. 2 LongLow CPU Fan speed, voltage level issue.Continuous Short BeepIf any peripheral is loosely connected.
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